Smooth graph visualization in OpenGL
Monitor your connection
Set alerts based on traffic volume
See statistics for your network usage
Choose from 20 different colour themes or make your own
Two different graph types


Click on images
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Choose from 2 different graphtypes and 20 different customizable colour themes.

Monitoring the network connection
Network flow graph
bytes per second is standard speed unit
Bits per second kbps also an option
Bitemeter or bitmeter bps free trial
Could also be called BitOMeter
Capped traffic limit alert
Network throughput as a graph
Lan speed graph lines or bars


Statistics on a monthly and daily basis.

detect spyware network usage

Remote Monitoring

Use WebStats to check your connection from any PC with a browser and internet connection.

Remote network monitor


Set alerts based on network traffic limits.

Guard your connection by monitoring it


Measure traffic over a period of time

time downloads and network speed

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