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ByteOMeter version 1.5 released

ByteOMeter now supports SNMP routers. Read more about how ByteOMeter monitors SNMP Routers.

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What are fiber optic cables?

The cabling in most network infrastructures today consists of copper wires or wireless connections (WI-FI). For future networks, where even more bandwidth will be required due to all the services running through the cables, fiber optic cables is the logical choice. Compared to normal copper wires they have an enourmous bandwidth capacity since the signal travelling along the wire is light and not electric pulses. This has several benefits. For one, even though the light is travelling through a medium, the fiber, the speed is leaps and bounds beyond the that in the copper wires. A downside to using light as a signal is less flexibility in the cable itself. Of course, this is not a problem for permanent and more rigid installations, but you won't see a 10 meter long fiber cable casually laid out across the living room floor and get a signal at both ends.

Monitoring fiber optic cables

To ByteOMeter, it does not matter which kind of cabling is used, or if the network is wireless.

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